iOS  11.2 , 11.2.1 Jailbreak with iphone X completely, Cydia installer

IPhone X is the latest Apple’s produce. It is a very widespread in the community now. Latest iOS 11.2 update is most suitable for iPhone X. iOS 11.2 Jailbreak is the major problem of the iPhone users now. Because of that apple jailbreakers unable to find any jailbreak method for iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.1.Apple’s security system is very strength now. But some of apple jailbreak teams released untethered jailbreak tools for the apple users. Keenlab and Pangu teams were released that iOS 11.2 jailbreak tools. This post is not about that untethered jailbreak tools.This is methods that are about getting some of free Apps in the Appstore. You can get more information about this below.

iOS  11.2 , 11.2.1 Jailbreak with iphone X completely, Cydia installer
iOS  11.2 , 11.2.1 Jailbreak with iphone X completely, Cydia installer

iTools Installation and get free app for iPhones

Apple users who unable to still comming a iOS 11.2 jailbreak tools, they can do this way for get some of the free  is about the iTools. You can install iTools 2018 now.After the iTool installation, there is some application named ipa. In the ipa file,there is some of the apps for free.Apple users can use this facility until iOS 11.2 jailbreak method will come.Here is the steps to follow the install for you.

  • Fisrt you connet your iPhone to computer ( windows or MAC )and launch iTools in your iPhone. Follow this links to get iTools
  • Now go to the ‘Applications’ tab of the left hand side
  • Then click the ‘Install’ button
  • Now, you select the ipa file that you can want and click that to open.
  • Now you are successfully

iFundbox Installation and get free apps for iPhones

This is another way to some apps for iPhones  till apple jailbreakers  will release iOS 11.2 jailbreak tool. You can follow this instructions to get ipa file,

  • First download the iFunbox and install
  • Select User ‘Application’
  • Now click the Install app button
  • Select ipa or apmx file
  • Now you are successfully installed

According to the Apple jailbrekers news, we can hope ios 11.2 jailbreak tool before days to go. Therefore we invite all Apple users still with our website.


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