iPhone X Or iPhone 10 Full specifications

Recently, Apple released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone x. We think already many people have bought these iDevices. But from these three devices, iPhone x comes with a great place. Because this iPhone X is much different from the iPhone 8 and 8+ phones. We’re going to talk about iPhone x or iPhone 10. Still many in the world do not use or even have not seen the iPhone 10 device. So we decided to discuss everything about the iPhone X for you.

iPhone x or iPhone 10
iPhone x or iPhone 10

This iPhone X is named as the iPhone 10. The iPhone 10 is not wrong. Anyway, this device is a marvelous product. This is because some of the features here are not part of anywhere on the go. This was a shocking, scintillating look, and the world was agitated. Let’s talk about below the great facilities and design below.

iPhone x specifications

The iPhone X is still in the world with many facilities. Let’s look at those specialties below.

  • The full screen and its passport
  • Face ID sensors
  • TrueDepth Camera
  • 12MP camera Dual system
  • superhuman intelligent A 11 Bionic processor
  • With wireless charging technology for wireless world
  • Using latest iOS 11 version

The display an iPhone x

The all new 5.8-inch Super Retina screen comes with the latest addition to iPhone x. With this curtain is a little bit of pity and a bit of a handful of eyes. Contemporary techniques and techniques are also used. This makes the iPhone x a very round and extremely perfect shape. This OLED screen is the first OLED screen, and due to its unique features, it is a turntable screen for the world. The ability to display the proper colors, as well as the true black color and the brightness and brightness of the brightness, is 1000000 to 1 percent. This screen, consisting of several sophisticated devices, includes a camera and a video of the face ID. Glass front and back are very strong. Also, stainless steel, cordless charging, water and dust resistance, natural movements, and overtreatments of unwanted motion have been developed.

Face ID

Now your iPhone x has been used to use your faces as your password. This is called Face ID, which provides a new way to lock your iPhone. The iPhone x’s activates face recognition on TrueDepth camera. And it creates a deep and accurate map of your faces and deeply analyzes your 30000 dots as invisible. If you want to now more about Face ID go to apple.com.

Front facing with TrueDepth Camera

This TrueDepth camera lets you capture photos with a sharp puffy fantasy background. With its new range of studio-quality lighting conditions, the Portrait has an incredible new look. The TrueDepth camera analyzes more than 50 of your muscles and helps you to reflect the expressions in your heart.

Wireless charging iPhone x
Wireless charging iPhone x

Now you can see the full specifications of iPhone x using below vodeo.

iPhone x hardware specifications (Camera test)

How about iPhone x jailbreak with iOS 11 and iOS 11.0.1

You all know about iPhone X now. Let’s look at the iPhone x jailbreak release with iOS 11. Although iOS 11 and 11.0.1 have been released, an iOS 11 jailbreak tool has still not been released yet. But pangu, Taig or yalu jailbreak teams work hard to get the iPhone jailbreak. However, we expect a jailbreak will be released with iOS 11 in Cydia.

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